Why should I book with you?
How many girls do you work with?
Do you travel?
Why are prices not listed on your website?
What is "Tahoe Snow Bunnies?"
What else do you offer?
It's 3 a.m. will you come perform for us?
Do you really get turned on during a toy show?
The last bachelor party I was at, the girls who showed up looked nothing like their pics. How do I know I'm not going to get screwed?
What is "bait and switch"?
How do they get away with it?
What else should I know about booking a stripper in Tahoe?

Why should I book with you?

My girlfriends and I are local Reno Tahoe girls. Our photos are constantly updated.

No misrepresentations. 100% natural! NO fake stuff!

We're friendly, professional and we truly love what we do!

I will keep in communication with you through the booking process and will make it easy for you.
Since you are dealing with me directly, I'm the one who has to deal with the repercussions if you are not satisfied. I care about giving you the best service!

We work out hard and enjoy an active healthy Tahoe lifestyle. Our bodies are in tip top shape from riding the mountains every day.

How many girls do you work with?

I have 3 other girlfriends to choose from. These girls are Tahoe locals and lead discreet lives. They would rather not have their pics on the web. When inquiring about a show I will email you their photos.

Do you travel?

Yes! We travel absolutely anywhere! A travel fee is applies outside the Reno-Tahoe area.

Why are prices not listed on your website?

I customize every party to suit your specific need, therefore the prices vary from client to client.

What is "Tahoe Snow Bunnies"?

We are a group of competitive skiers and boarders that really know how to ride! Don't have anyone to ride with? We will join you on the slopes and apres ski. Have a larger group? Break up the sausage party and have a couple bunnies join you!

What else do you offer?

Dinner and show, poker parties, football parties, light domination, DJ's, go-go dancers, pole dancing, burlesque, golf caddies, promo girls, massage girls, naked sushi, boat parties, etc...

We are NOT ESCORTS and do not provide any illegal services.

It's 3 a.m. will you come perform for us?

I do accept last minute calls, but usually not after midnight. I do sleep! Advanced booking is appreciated.

Do you really get turned on during a toy show?

Nothing turns me and my partner on more than performing for a group of guys that truly appreciates it. But if the crowd is shouting vulgar comments then it obviously can be a turn off.

The last bachelor party I was at, the girls that showed up looked nothing like their pics. How do I know I'm not going to get screwed?

Unfortunately that is pretty common. I've heard so many horror stories from guys parties being ruined because they got fooled by misleading advertising. I've even had this happen to myself before I started stripping. I had hired a stripper for my friend's birthday and the entertainer I ordered was about 20 years older that her pics online! Every stripper site has the same claims -- "no bait and switch" "hottest girls guaranteed" etc. etc. when in fact these companies are the ones who are fake.

It can be confusing to really know who to trust. I honestly can't believe the nerve of some of these companies to steal pics from other stripper websites, porn site or model sites. If you really look around you will find some of the same girls on numerous stripper agency websites all over the country. This is why most of my pics I post online I put a copyright across the photo.

 I believe that honesty equals loyalty! Just use some common sense. If it is too good to be true, then it usually is.

What is "bait and switch?"

So you picked out Candy and Brandy on the website, the girl over the phone assured you that you will actually get the girl in the pics, she even gave you a deal for $150 off so you're stoked! When the girls arrive it's clearly not the girls in the picture... or maybe it was 20 years ago. Don't spend your hard earned money on something you wouldn't even want for free! Some companies offer such steep discount for a reason. If this ever happens to you, DO NOT PAY! You have the right to refuse them at the door!

How do they get away with it?

Usually they rely on the fact that by the time they get there (if they show up at all) that you are too drunk to care, and too late to book other entertainers. Here are some red flags:

Companies that have many different websites and phone numbers. That is how these girls get business. Many people that get ripped off only to get ripped off by the same people again!

The company or girls are not based in the area. A company that is not based in the area simply can not know who they are sending out. These agencies have never met the entertainer in person, so how do they know what these girls really look like?

Some agencies will say whatever it takes to get you to book the show. Once the girls show up they don't know or care what you negotiated with the agency, which mean you usually have to shell out more money!

If they ask you for several backup choices and can not guarantee the girls you choose.

They offer a huge selection of over 20 girls. This is to make you think that they are legit. Hot girls are hard enough to come by in a mountain town, let alone hot girls that will get naked.

Websites that is only have 1 or 2 pics of the girl. Or the girl's photo looks like it's from 1980.

"All inclusive price" Yes the idea of not having to tip during a show is great but often times that price doesn't include dances for everyone and guys are usually left out. I do get requests for everything to be paid up front so the guest don't have to worry about pulling out their wallets. This is based on the type of show and how many guests

"Hottest girl at the cheapest price" Some companies will offer low rates but don't mention that their price didn't include nudity. You have to pay more money just to get the girls to strip! Some agencies will tell you whatever it takes to make the sale because the agent it getting the money. When the girls arrive they don't know what kind of agreement you made with the agent.

What else should we know about booking a stripper in Tahoe?

Plan ahead! The further in advance the better to ensure the date and time is available. Our schedules can get booked up quickly. Shows are booked on a first come first serve basis. Sometimes I can accommodate last minute bookings so please don't hesitate to call anytime before midnight.

Our busiest nights are Fridays and Saturdays. If your going to be in town Sunday through Thursday our schedules are pretty open. We love doing shows on our off nights.

When booking a vacation rental don't let the agency know you are planning on throwing a bachelor party. Sure we've all seen "The Hangover" so bachelor parties have a bad reputation of being wild and crazy, even though often that's not the case. Most agencies will charge a higher deposit or won't rent you at all! I've been to many vacation rentals around Tahoe and I can help you find just the right place.

Moderation is a good thing. With so many activities, Tahoe is the perfect place for a bachelor party. A day on the lake or the slopes with the altitude can be exhausting. Make sure the guys are well rested for a long night of partying and not passed out by the time I get there.

Make sure the bachelor and guests don't get too drunk! During the show we will be offering plenty of body shots.

If you are the contact person for the party, it is your responsibility to make sure all the guest bring money for tipping and games.

Even though we are there for your pleasure, it is extremely important that you treat us with respect. Our safety is the most critical factor. If we feel that the guest getting out of hand than we reserve the right to stop the show immediately and leave without a refund. Besides, sometimes it's not all about the $$. If you are a cool group of guys than we'll usually stick around a bit after the show.

Please smoke outside when during our performance.

All party guest must be 18 years of age. NO EXCEPTIONS!